Material Handling Market

06 April 2015

Bauer AsepticDrive mit PMSM-Technologie Fischverarbeitungsstraßen

Bei Van der Lee Seafish werden Woche für Woche 250 Tonnen tiefgefrorener Frischfisch verarbeitet und für den Versand an Kunden in der ganzen Welt vorbereitet. An seinem Standort Urk in den Niederlanden setzte das Unternehmen zum Betrieb seiner Verarbeitungsanlagen und Fördersysteme unterschiedliche Motoren ein.

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09 Dezember 2013

BM and BG Series Bauer Geared Motors for Cold Storage Monorail Systems

AFT (Automatisierungs- und Fördertechnik GmbH & Co. KG), located in Schopfheim, Germany, designs and builds intelligent transport and conveyor systems for a wide variety of industries.

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02 Dezember 2013

Bauer Gear Motor BF and BS Series Geared Motors for Biomass Furnaces

Heizomat GmbH, in Gunzenhausen, Germany, designs and manufactures a wide variety of environmentally-friendly wood chip heating plants. As the market leader in Europe, the company provides complete systems including biomass furnaces and “wood chippers” for a rapidly increasing number of residential and commercial customers.

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05 August 2013

Bauer Gear Motor Power Underground Monorail At One Of Europe’s Largest Hospitals

A large hospital complex can often resemble a small town in its size and complexity; many separate wards are joined by a narrow corridor system where the smooth transfer of supplies is often interrupted by busy doctors and nursing staff. One of Europe’s largest hospitals has solved the problem with an automated underground mono-rail that supplies medicine, food and linen with minimal effort and at low cost. Bauer geared motors drive the vehicles and operate the track points.

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02 Juni 2013

Bauer Gear BM Series Geared Motors For Overhead Conveyors

Thurella is a leading Swiss juice producer and accounts for a third of all the apple juice concentrate produced in Switzerland. The company processes around 30,000 metric tons of fruit and 7,500 metric tons of vegetables every year and is also active in the contract bottling business including juices, beer and ice tea.

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