Mining & Aggregate

18 April 2017

Altra Industrial Motion bietet auf der Hannover Messe 2017 eine kostenlose Virtual-Reality-Tour an

Besucher des Standes der Altra Industrial Motion Corporation können auf der diesjährigen Hannover Messe kostenlos die Möglichkeiten der Virtual Reality (VR) ausprobieren. Hierfür hat der Antriebstechnikspezialist die Smartphone-App „Altra Virtual Environments" entwickelt: Wer vor dem Messebesuch die App herunterlädt, erhält am Altra-Stand gratis die passende VR-Brille, mit der sich sieben verschiedene 360°-Darstellungen industrieller Anwendungsumgebungen erkunden lassen.

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02 März 2015

Motor and Drive Efficiency - A Collective Approach for Better Results

Efficiency, reliability and total cost of ownership are all terms that are at the forefront of engineering considerations, however looking at items of equipment on an individual basis may not deliver the maximum benefits. By looking at the wider picture and combining the best technology from individual areas it is possible to achieve much more significant savings and efficiencies.

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28 Juli 2014

Driving Forward

Drives and motors are used to power an array of equipment in mining operations, from conveyors, and crushing/grinding equipment to flotation cells and pumps. The major challenges associated with powering mining equipment is the increased scale of operations and the accompanying requirement for increased power, whilst maintaining reliability. There are a range of companies that provide drives and motors for the mining industry, some of which are mining specific whilst others cover a range of industries.

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17 Februar 2014

Bauer Gear Getriebemotoren der Reihen BK und BF Asphaltmischanlagen

Ein großer internationaler Asphaltmischanlagen-Hersteller benötigte besonders robuste Hochleistungs-Getriebemotoren für unterschiedliche Anwendungen in seinen Werken. Dort laufen Transportbänder unter den verschiedensten Sortiermaschinen hindurch und befördern Schüttgut unterschiedlicher Körnung in eine große Trockenanlage.

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02 Februar 2014

Bauer Gears Model BK90 Geared Motors For Concrete Mixer Plant

The German company, Liebherr Mischtechnik GmbH, develops and builds concrete mixing plants where roller-compacted concrete (RCC) is manufactured. The special features of this concrete are its high resistance towards chemical and physical corrosions and the peculiarly compressive strength.

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