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Bauer Gear Motor

At Bauer Gear Motor, our mission is to understand and fulfill customer needs and translate them into tailor-made solutions.

Bauer’s wide product range includes helical geared motors, shaft-mounted geared motors, bevel-geared motors, worm geared motors, monorail geared motor drives, aseptic drives, and C-adapter motor connection.

Whatever your challenge, our engineers and support staff deliver value and reliability over the entire customer value chain and product life cycle.

Who is Bauer Gear Motor?
Bauer Gear Motor - Company Overview
What industries does Bauer Gear Motor serve?

You can find our proven energy-efficient solutions across various types of drivetrains in countless markets, including food & beverage, energy, wastewater, concrete, metals, and material handling.

Within the material handling market, you can find many of our products hard at work on rolling mills, monorail systems and overhead conveyors, together with cranes to name a few.

Hygienic geared motor solutions for the Food & Beverage industry

Why do food processing customers love our geared motor solutions? Because of our comprehensive lineup of efficient, cost-effective stainless steel and specially coated components … together with extensive application expertise.

  • Available as standard, aseptic, and stainless steel, our HiflexDRIVE is a flexible, efficient, and clean drive solution that combines the excellent efficiency of the IE4 permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) with the compact dimensions of the BK17 gearbox.
  • Dust tight and hose proof, our reliable IP65 BK geared motor sets new standards for reliability, efficiency and economy and includes unparalleled standard features including hollow shafts in the smallest sizes.
Submersible solutions for the wastewater industry

Customers rely on our IP68-rated, energy-efficient submersible solutions where geared motors are required to convey or transport foul, waste, river or rainwater, and all types of sludge-containing waters in communal or industrial areas. Our motors are frequently used in agitators for mixing, homogenising, etc., or in extremely wet areas or completely submersed under water.

Energy efficient motor technologies

Did you know as much as 90% of all industrial electrical energy consumed within the water industry is used to drive an electric motor?

In an industry prone to efficiency challenges, having a reliable motor is key to effectively managing rising energy costs. That’s where we come in.

The Bauer energy saving motor ranges DSE, DHE, and DPE with power ratings 0,12 ... 37 kW for energy efficiency classes IE1, IE2 and IE3 offer customer advantage, cost savings, and long lifetime.

We are now a part of Regal Rexnord.