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The introduction of the worldwide standard EN 60034-30 in 2009 brought with it the new definition of efficiency classes. As from the 01. July 2021 the regulation (EC) 640/2009 binds all companies by law to use motors with high efficiency (IE2) level within power range >= 0,12kW up to < 0,75kw="" and="" premium="" efficiency="" (ie3)="" level="" />=0,75 kW.

The guideline does not necessarily mean more costs for you!

A correct dimensioning of the drive system means energy costs can not only be saved by use of high efficient motors. As a geared motor manufacturer, compared with the standard EN 60034-30-1 which only defines the motor efficiency levels, we compare the energy balance of the complete drive system.

Look at the complete picture

It is possible for us to create an individual energy balance for your application by use of our specially developed energy saving calculator. The software together with our competent consultancy team offers you transparency for your application and defines an energy efficient drive system.

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