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The innovative HiflexDRIVE bevel geared motor range from Bauer Gear Motor characterize themselves through compactness, flexibility and efficiency. The high flexibility of the Bauer modular system makes solutions possible for almost all drive tasks. The HiflexDRIVE is available in standard, aseptic and stainless steel versions and thus fits optimally in all areas in conveyor technology especially where a long life cycle, ease of servicing, efficiency and cleanability are of upmost importance.

The combination of the BK17 range and permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM) means not only that the PMSM design is superior at converting electrical energy into mechanical power, it also offers the added benefit of maintaining constant speed independent of the load. This means that motor speed does not vary - despite overload variations or cases of voltage drop - as long as the mains frequency is kept constant. PMS motors are perfectly suitable as drives for applications with constant torque such as conveyor systems.


    Innovative Geared Motor Technologies

    • Torque: 80 upto 330 Nm
    • Ratio 4,54 ... 108,6 :1
    • Low weight 
    • Easy handling and space saving installation
    • Cost reduction in the plant dimensioning
    • High efficiency through 2 stage gear design
    • Low pass-over height
    • CE-Mark
    • CSA, UL, ATEX, GOST, CCC, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001
    • Motors according to EN 60034

    Trend-Setting Motor Technologies

    • Efficiency Classes IE1 to IE4
    • Drives optimised for partial load condition acc. to EN 50598-2
    • PSM Technology with over 30% energy saving under partial load 
    • Scalable motor technologies for worldwide operation
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