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Motion Design Guide on Gearmotors Sponsored By Bauer Gear Motor

October 16, 2020
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Gearmotors are complete motion components that include a gear reducer integrated with an electric motor. Usually the motor includes the gears (often as an assembled gearbox) at the output to reduce speed and boost output torque. Engineers typically use gearmotors on axes that need high efficiency; move heavy objects; or necessitate inertia that’s finely tuned to the application dynamics to accurately position loads.

In this Design Guide, the editors of Design World detail the construction, control, and networking of gearmotors — and approaches to sizing and applying them for top performance, even in demanding applications.

Topics in this Gearmotors Design Guide include:

  • Common gearmotor definitions and classifications
  • The evolution of prevalent gearmotor technologies
  • Using performance curves to specify gearmotors
  • Gearmotor service factor and service class explained
  • Using gearing to optimize the inertia ratio of a motor-driven system
  • and more...

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