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Bauer Gear Motor IP68 Solutions: Energy Efficient Technology for the Water and Wastewater Industry

November 23, 2020
Bauer IP68 Solutions

IP68 geared motors are most suitable where it is required to convey or transport foul, waste, river or rainwater, and all types of sludge-containing waters in communal or industrial areas. They are frequently used in agitators for mixing, homogenising, etc. or in extremely wet areas or completely submersed under water.

Bauer brochure ip68 Solutions


  • Special housing and motor design for continuous submersible operation
  • M+D5aximum leakage protection
  • Special output shaft seals available
  • Electronic leakage detection is available as an option for early recognition of errors
  • Energy-saving asynchronous and permanent magnet motors up to IE5
  • IP68 motors also available with brake
  • Gear motor can be operated at constant power in air or in a medium
  • Fully cast cable to ensure maximum level of sealing
  • Usable down to water depths of 5 m (greater depths on request)
  • Special coating allows extreme underwater conditions
  • Power classes: 0.37 – 11 kW (Explosion protection versions on request)
  • Use in potentially explosive atmospheres possible (e.g. Atex Zone 1)

Download the Brochure: Solutions for the Water and Wastewater Industry: Tailor-made to your application (P-7184-BGM)

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