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    Our geared motor solutions are
    the driving power in drive technology

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  • Premium Efficiency Motors

    Geared motors in efficiency class IE3
    available as standard from 0.12 kW


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    IE3 Geared Motors
  • Energy Efficiency
    Standard EN 50598

    Download the Bauer PMSM Motor Data
    for calculation of the efficiency level of
    your Power Drive System

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    Bauer Gear Motor IE4 Energy Efficient Geared Motors
  • Bauer Gear IE4 Geared Motors
    Permanent Magnet Synchronous
    Geared Motors

    Up to 40% more energy savings
    compared to IE2 especially under
    partial load conditions

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    Bauer Gear Motor IE4 Energy Efficient Geared Motors
  • Hero Image for Bauer Gear Wastewater Engineering Motors
    Geared Motors for
    Wastewater Engineering

    Keeping running costs at an acceptable level
    and ensuring reliable performance

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  • Hero Image for Bauer Gear HiflesDRIVE Motor
    HiflexDRIVE - the flexible, efficient
    and clean drive solution

    Combines the excellent efficiency of the IE4
    permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM)
    with the compact dimensions of the BK17 gearbox.

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  • Aeseptic Drives
    AsepticDRIVE - a hygienically
    encapsulated motor

    A combination of an asynchronous motor
    with a smooth surface (without cooling ribs and fan)
    and a gearbox from the renowned Bauer 2000 range

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  • Potato Bin Dumper
    Custom Model BK80 Geared Motors
    for Potato Bin Dumper

    A leading manufacturer of food processing
    equipment needed a reliable gear motor for
    use on a new potato bin dumper.

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