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BK Series Submersible Bevel Geared Motor | Bauer Gear Motor

Our reliable BK geared motor sets new standards for reliability, efficiency and economy and includes unparalleled standard features including hollow shafts in the smallest sizes. Our IP68 design geared motors are derived from the standard B2000 range and are most suitable where it is required to convey or transport foul, waste, river or rain water, and all types of sludge-containing waters in communal or industrial areas. They are frequently used in agitators for mixing, homogenising, etc. or in extremely wet areas or completely submersed under water.

Product Features

  • Torque 80 ... 18.500 Nm
  • Output Speeds 0,2 ... 280 min-1
  • Power rating 0,12 ... 45 kW (Standard)
    0,37 ... 11 kW (in Ex design on request)
  • Special sealing concepts for maximum leakage protection
  • Reinforced bearings for higher strength and longer service life
  • Shafts available on request in V4A steel or coating 
  • Motor Connection  
    • Standard with cast terminal box
    • Optional with special plug connection
  • Additional features:
    • Special design for continuous submersible operation
    • Electronic leakage detection available on request
    • Brakes available in IP68 design
    • Water depths of 5m (deeper on request)
  • Corrosion category Im2 based on DIN ISO 12944-5

Hollow shafts available through the whole product range in even the smallest sizes for easy cost effective application. 

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Product Catalog

  • (A4) Energy Efficient Geared Motors - Metric
  • (A4) B2010 Super Premium Efficient Geared Motors - METRIC

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IP68 Product Features

Sewage Plant | Mixer

Post Sedimentation Tank | Beam Transport Drive System

Field Test | Energy Saving with PMSM Technology

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